andrew. (kava) wrote in mayfairgrin,

mannequin oddio media: august update.

now on sale:
survival from mannequin oddio's very own dark-electro/EBM artist, heart of darkness. this beautifully aggressive debut is on sale for only $7.oo until 10|01|05.

recent net-releases:

>> mystified - masks & wires
dark and dense atmospheric melodies tango around glitched-out intelligent-techno rhythms. tweaked urban beats meet psychodelic ambient soundscapes.

>> urbivor - the singularity :
hypnotic drones. warm sounds veiled in a deeply shadowed darkness. black and white cinema, a bit of noir, a bit of horror. a deep melody plays its dreary song while metallic sounds bounce and echo off the tight walls created in this sombient soundscape. bleak digitized atmospheres weave and flow through grinding rhythmic guitars and cold harsh industrial beats.

>> mayfairgrin - excursions on a hovercraft :
from glitch laden trip-hop rhythms to mind expanding soundscape to exotic drum-n-bass to rich ambient drones, this new collection of beautiful music by mayfairgrin is both intelligent and emotional.
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