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this delicate confusion.

i started writing and producing this record nearly a year ago. ironically 2 other full albums came out of the studio sessions (the otsu.vihara release and 'sleep for now'). i had originally titled the album 'litany', but i abandoned the original concept of combining trance with Orthodox liturgical music. in fact there's not a shred of what i had originally conceptualized almost a year ago. so the title no longer seemed fitting. so a few days ago i was thinking about the experiences that provoked me into writing and recording the music for this album. i've been through many hills and valleys. my grandfather passing away a few months ago, to the depression that followed, to a rekindled spirituality, and finally a continued search for answers in a world that makes little sense.

this delicate confusion was what came to mind. the record is completed and wrapping for release at the end of this month. i'm very pleased with the results and i'm actually confident this time around that it will garner a positive response from those that hear it. it's more dark and solemn than usual and i didn't feel the need to express much in the way of aggression (or utter weirdness) like i did on 'excursions on a hovercraft'. i hate comparing, but the music most closely aligns to the bands/artists on the n5MD label. there's no mimicry, just a slight comparison. perhaps we have similar influences?

i would really, sincerely appreciate any one that reads this to take a moment and listen to the music i've made public at and share with me their reaction, criticism, etc.. it would mean a lot ot me. i made a few of the songs downloadable for a little while too.

'this delicate confusion track-listing:
1. litany
2. sleep for now {twilight remix}
3. delicate {extended album edit}
4. black mountain machine {remix}
5. sagrada
6. morianna revisited
7. asterix {by jules: mfg remix}
8. kirlian sunshine {parts 1 - 3}
9. leise nacht

...that's exactly 80 minutes of music. i know, it's ridiculously long.
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