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New Release : biostatic - "blood_for_oil" : mp3s online

Parasomnic Records is pleased to be distributing, in conjunction with Symbolic Insight, the new cd "blood_for_oil" by sound artist bios+a+ic.

bios+a+ic, who has also gained recognition as one half of the Seattle experimental electonic duo Entropic Advance, now resides in CO, where he continues to voice his subversive message through audio art.

"blood_for_oil" is an ambient-noise collage/sonic documentation which reflects upon the current turmoil in occupied Iraq. Tribal rhythms, dark drones, electronic textures, guitar washes, vocal chants and field recordings blend together, forming an epic journey that is both hypnotic and foreboding. This limited edition cdr of 100 units is over 73 minutes, packaged in camouflage paper, and is similar in style to Rapoon, Muslimgauze, Main, Scanner and Tribes of Neurot.

mp3 samples from "blood_for_oil" are now available online at The cd will be available to order on November 16, 2005. The price is only $8 and includes shipping.

For more artist info and updates visit or
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