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mayfairgrin's Journal

the act of creating beauty from ashes...
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impressionistic music existing outside of the verse-chorus-verse structures of a three-minute pop song that expand and blur the boundries between folk, ambient and electronica.

"(the) music is hauntingly beautiful. I'd like to be sitting on a hillside in the fall at twilight. sitting in some dead grass by big tree with an old abandoned house in the background, maybe reading Job or Lamentations or Jeremiah. or just laying back with the headphones on, feeling the cold wind blow and taking it all in."
- chris cummings (of theCELLexperiment)

"Since forming in 1998, mayfairgrin has covered quite a bit of sonic territory. Utilizing and often combining the sounds of EBM, goth rock, and various native musics, [the] sound is quite dynamic"
- experimental ambient artist, jason coffman (of Anaphylalxis/Anaphylactic shock recordings)